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Mar, 20, 2013

Earth Fare

• Proudly Made in North Carolina
• Created from a family recipe
• Founded & owned by a “family CEO”, i.e. Mom
• Supporter of local dairy families
• Hand crafted with award winning world class cheddar
• 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
• Created with fresh ingredients, NO artificial growth hormones, no sugar, no transfats
• Gluten FREE
• Only known manufacturer of Cream Cheese & Olive White Cheddar pimento cheese
• All Natural, Preservative Free Available
• Longest Shelf Life on the market
• Freezes beautifully due to high content of cheese, as opposed to high content of mayonnaise
• 6 month shelf life WASTE? Not an issue
• Works well in recipes, i.e. baked mac n cheese, cornbread, shrimp & grits, omelets, paninnis, burgers

Tags: local, family comnpany, gluten free, lactose free

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Love this Olive pimento cheese. Never cared about martinis but ‘a dirty martini on a cracker’ is amazing!
- Bob Rogers
This stuff is addictive. Love it!
- Paul Fleming